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Countdown to National Green Week!

With National Green Week 2013 kicking off February 4-8, now is the time to join the movement and start planning your activities! Green Week, the largest K-12 sustainability education movement in the nation, is a time for educators and youth group leaders to discuss sustainability topics with students and identify the ways we can each make a difference. The Green Education Foundation offers six sustainability themes to choose from for Green Week. And the best part is you can choose any week to be your Green Week between February 4 and April 30.

Getting involved is easy. First, sign up for National Green Week by becoming a member on GEF's website. Then, start thinking about which sustainability theme is right for you this year. You can choose from:

Next, pick your week (or day if you're tight on time) between February 4 and April 30 to participate and spread the word to get your colleagues and students excited (hint: schedule your Green Week lessons and activities around your Earth Day celebrations for a double whammy!) Now the fun part – decide how you want to participate. Browse GEF's lessons in the Clearinghouse or in the curriculum section of your sustainability theme. You'll also find activities, audits, tips and recommended reading for each theme. If you're feeling fun and innovative, come up with an event or project for your students or school (these events and projects can lend to a great Green in Action award application). For example, you could organize a school yard clean-up, a waste free snacks week, walk or bike to school day or a turn-out-the-lights campaign. The possibilities are endless!

Also, be sure to explore the fun contests available to Green Week participants. There are lots of great prizes and national recognition to be won:

  • Green in Action awards – win $250 for your class or school by submitting a chronicle of your Green Week activity, event or lessons
  • Water Audit Raffle – win $250 and 500 water bottles for your school by conducting one of GEF's audits (or your own audit if you have one) and submitting their results
  • Green Classroom Pledge – win 20 Green Packs (reusable water bottles, shopping bags and snack packs) for your class by signing the pledge and sending it to GEF.