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The Human Scale: Centering Planning around People

Although he focuses on China, Gehl Architect Kristian Skovbakke Villadsen expounds on why streets are an integral part in making cities more livable places.

Inspired by the documentary 'The Human Scale', Gehl Architects has made a series of video shorts as a platform for people to share their thoughts on progressive city planning.

In this third installation, 'Streets for People' and 'Mobility for People', Villadsen talks about how the street acts as a social public space and how it's detrimental for planners to design them strictly for automobiles.

"There are three types of public spaces: the formal square, the park and the street. ... The street is basically gone," Villadsen says. "There will be a need, and a demand, for changes soon. We need to keep building little examples, and hopefully thereby inspire the next generation of new towns to have different qualities."

Villadsen is speaking in the context of Chinese cities, however, the ideas and themes are applicable worldwide. Watch for yourself: