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It's Official: Vancouver Gets a 'Dude Chilling Park'


Photograph by: Jason Payne , PNG

Last year, a small park in an emerging hipster Vancouver neighbourhood called Main Street was unofficially named "Dude Chilling Park" by local residents.

The park is actually called Guelph Park, but a sign was created by artist Viktor Briestensky and designed to mirror the format of other Vancouver city park signs. Its original location was near a Michael Dennis sculpture of a lounging figure - now known as the "Dude Chilling" - in the park.


When park staff noticed the sign last November, it was taken down. But an outpouring of support for the sign through social media led the park board to reconsider. According to a petition launched by Dustin Bromley:

For years, Guelph Park has been known as, "You know, that park like a block north of Kingsgate Mall?". It has been under appreciated, and mostly occupied by empty bottles of mouthwash.
The park itself is great! Boasting grassy knolls, a playground, and even tennis courts, it is a great place for you and your furry friend to relax and unwind after a rough day at work.
By renaming this lovely rectangle of grass to "Dude Chilling Park", people will give this little rectangle of nature the respect and attention it deserves. We all witnessed how much attention the park gained from just one day of social media posts on the internet. Imagine how much that attention can grow, given a little time and nurturing. Dude Chilling Park will become a destination, a place to meet with friends. Imagine a visitor from Toronto sharing his photo relaxing with the "chilling dude", instead of just another boring picture of him riding the downtown bull statue.

After a vote Monday night, the Vancouver Park Board is making the "Dude Chilling Park" sign a permanent installation, having approved the sign as a new piece of public art.

Now the world has taken notice. Well, late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel has. You can watch his comments here. According to Kimmel:

"Between Dude Chilling Park and Rob Ford, I might have to move to Canada."