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Placebook: Loving the Un-Loveable Building

Harrelson Hall, N.C. State University

Harrelson Hall, N.C. State University

In honor of returning to my alma mater (the undergraduate one) for our annual PR Day,I wanted to take a moment and talk about its most unusual building. Some of you may think I want to talk about this one. Yes, it's special. But it's getting a lot of love and support now. No, the one I want to really discuss is the one pictured above.

At one time, it was  revolutionary, much like the Hunt Library is now. However, according to this account, things quickly went south. Oh and the building is too; it's rumored (among other things) that the building is sinking in the ground. However, even though it may not exist in a few years, either from collapsing under its own weight or being torn down once all the student amenities move to the renovated student center in 2015, it's still lovable.

Currently, those amenities include the bookstore and the Student Government. When I was in school, it was the math, history, and sometimes Spanish building. In other words, I spent a lot of time there, in its pie shaped classrooms and walking down its spiral ramp. I also complained along with everyone else about its steep outdoor staircases, tore a few holes in items in its tight and sharp wooden seats and got dizzy walking up and down the ramp. However, I also aced both math classes I took in that building, including one that I completely flunked out of in high school. And it's an architectural marvel. Round buildings don't exist everywhere. In essence, even our most hated buildings can house our best achievements and most unique and interesting ideas.