Tired of attending smart city conferences that feel more like extended commercials for obscure technologies? So were we. That’s why we created CityLaunch, a new conference designed to bring the focus back to the things that matter to city leaders: careful policymaking, effective citizen engagement and long-term planning.

Many cities have a vague idea of what they want to be five years from now, and some have even completed a pilot project or two. But many cities are struggling with clarifying the path to take from the city of today to the city of tomorrow.

Connected Communities Collaborative, host of CityLaunch, believes the large-scale digital transformation requires the development of an integrated strategic roadmap that incorporates the unique values, identity, goals, resources and performance measures for individual cities. Attending CityLaunch will give your city concrete tools to create actionable, strategic roadmaps that clearly identify the basic foundational infrastructure, policies, capacity-building efforts, and outreach and engagement needed to identify and achieve your city’s long-term vision.

San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel is the perfect venue for our rock star lineup of smart city leaders, including Deb Socia of Next Century Cities, Ben Levine of Metrolab, and Kamran Saddique of City Innovate. We’ll also feature representatives from leading smart cities of all sizes across the U.S., including Las Vegas, Riverside, Kansas City, Long Beach, Chula Vista, South Bend and Austin.

Join us in March for this new spin on smart city and connected community development.