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3 Ways Green Business Initiatives Can Save Companies Money

Going green is a great way to endear your company to the public and to your employees, but green initiatives are more than just easy PR opportunities: they can save your business real money if done correctly. Here are three simple ways that a dedicated company can preserve both the environment and the bottom line.


Maximize Heating and Air Conditioning Efficiency

Heat and air conditioning are extremely important aspects of the modern office, but poorly-run systems can be wasteful and unnecessarily expensive. Regularly cleaning your heating and cooling appliances can improve the efficiency of your machinery and help save you a ton of money in the process. Your company can also install timers and smart control systems in order to cut down on the time that these devices are being used when people are not in the office. Power flushing the central heating system can also work wonders for efficiency: removing corrosion residues can vastly reduce fuel waste and increase the overall lifespan of the system. Not a bad outcome for something that would only take a few minutes every couple of months. If the equipment is failing completely, consider consulting with companies like MTA Australasia on costs and efficiency for new equipment.


Green Marketing

Companies are always looking to get the edge in their marketing strategies: why not impress consumers with your eco-friendliness as you're trying to woo their business?

Repurposing derelict and forgotten spaces has become a huge trend in urban areas across the country. Imagine an abandoned lot turned into a community garden sponsored by your company or a trade show that takes place in an under-utilized property close to your office. By using social media and online advertising to show how green your business is, you'll save thousands over traditional advertising campaigns and have a strong message to show off to customers.


Recycle in the Office

There are a million and one ways to reduce your office's carbon and trash footprint while shaving dollars off of your monthly budget. Rather than buying new office furniture, why not attend liquidation sales and auctions and repurpose the materials that you find there into hip decor? There are many things that modern offices also use a ton of, quite unnecessarily: save on paper by using online accounting and the Cloud, or reuse packaging and envelopes instead of purchasing new ones.


Going green and being profitable are not goals that should be at odds with one another. Very often, businesses can use environmental responsibility to their advantage, whether by impressing potential customers or trimming the fat from their own budgets. These three green initiatives are a great place to start!