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This 3D Weaver Could Change the Face of Architecture


Oluwaseyi Sosanya is the founder of Sosafresh, a loom specially designed for weaving in three dimensions. His 3D weaver technology, and the structures it can create, include applications in medical, architecture, vehicle, aerospace, and sportswear industries.

We caught up with Oluwaseyi ahead of this appearance at RE.WORK Future Cities Summit next month.

What is the greatest opportunity in your industry to positively impact our future cities?

Textiles have already changed the face of urban architecture. With the advancements in digital manufacturing I see textiles playing an even stronger role providing material that can be made on demand to spec with very little waste. Essentially rethinking how textile composites can be use as new building materials.


What is the biggest obstacle to integrating emerging technology into urban infrastructure, cities and communities?

The biggest challenge I face at the moment is scale. Scaling the process and getting it integrated into a building material takes strong support from industry. In order to get this materials out there, collaboration with a company willing to rethink their manufacturing process is essential.

What will be the key skills/jobs required in the future for your sector?

Crossover for other industries is something that will push the textile industry to challenge existing manufacturing processes and develop new textiles that may enter new industries.

What are you most excited about - personal or business or society wise that will affect our future cities?

I am personally most excited about the increasing access to technologies that were once a challenge to engage with. At the moment we, the consumers, are becoming more empowered with the new platforms being developed that give us access to create our own products and experiences.

Future cities will be full of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that tailor to customers specific needs and communicate with each other to reduce energy loss improve connectivity and increase overall performance. Many of these devices will be made by the user themselves with the desired experience and level of engagement.

At the moment we are in a bit of a renaissance. The maker movement is changing the mindset of many people. We are now empowered with the tools to perform very complicated operations. What is inspiring is that we are at a point where so many people are open to exploring. Musicians, artists, designers, and engineers are crossing fields building their own tools and are open to collaborations.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya will be speaking at RE.WORK Future Cities Summit, London, on 4-5 December. To view the full line-up and register to attend, go to:

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