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5 of the Best Bicycle Blog Posts of 2011

Here at This Big City, we believe that encouraging bicycle use is a key ingredient in developing more sustainable cities. We've featured hundreds of articles on that topic in 2011, and here's 5 of the best:

Making Cycling Safer – What Does the Research Tell us?

As cycling becomes more popular in cities all over the globe, shouldn't we start thinking about how we can make it as safe as possible? In this article, many of the benefits of cycling were explored, along with that ever-controversial subject: should we be wearing cycle helmets? Read the article here.

Radically Rethinking Cycling in London

'Tax breaks, subsidised cycle hire schemes, or further miles of cycle lanes' are not enough to make cycling popular in London, writes Gordon Macrae in this post. Instead, it's time we radically changed the way we approach cycling, instead presenting it as a vehicle of opportunity. Read the article here.

The Future of Bike Sharing Schemes in the United States

Though a few years behind Europe and Canada, cities in the United States are beginning to get behind urban cycle hire schemes. So what kind of approach needs to be taken in the United States? And what might the benefits be? Read the full article here.

Indonesia's Biggest City gets its First Bicycle Lane

Jakarta finally has a bicycle lane, stretching 1.5km across the city. But whilst some residents campaigned vocally for its introduction, not everyone is respecting this piece of infrastructure now it has arrived. Read the article here.

Amsterdam's Bicycle Network – No Magic Pill but Still a World-beater

Amsterdam's bicycle network has been credited for everything from boosting the local economy to keeping the city's residents in shape. Yet whilst the positive contribution is indisputable, there are limits to what a bicycle network can achieve. Read the full article here.