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Americans Recognize Need for Transportation Infrastructure Repair

The American Crisis in Transportation Coalition has pointed to a poll published in The Hill which showed that 53 percent of the respondents said it is "very important" to repair the nation's roads, and 35 percent said it is "somewhat important."

The poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters, and gives more credence to the Coalition's call for maximum funding of the nation's surface transportation system, especially in the wake of the recommendations made by the National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission which identified a $225 billion annual shortfall in transportation spending in the US.

The Coalition is chaired by Frank Busalacchi, who once served on the Surface Transportation Commission, described the current funding levels proposed for the surface transportation bill "dangerously low", with only $260 billion over five years.

"The nation's roads are crumbling, and mass transit systems are falling behind in needed repairs," he said. "The needs are much greater than the funding Congress has identified to date."

Busalacchi also made sure to remind people that transportation spending results in good-paying jobs. A recent estimation suggests that for every $1 billion spent on transportation projects results in 30,000 jobs.

"For the safety of the nation, and the growth of the economy, we ask that Congress fund the next surface transportation bill at the necessary levels," Mr. Busalacchi said. "The American voters understand the need. We hope Congress will as well."

Source: American Crisis in Transportation Coalition via Business Wire
Image Source: on Flickr