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Americans Walk the Least


The bigger the house, the further you are from community, the more you drive, the more stuff you need to fill that home and oil you need to get there/create that stuff, and the more we destroy the planet trying to get that oil - it's that simple.

I truly believe that smaller homes in denser, walkable communities can save the planet. It's why I write about it and share those ideas with people around the world. America and many other counters need to wake up.

National Geographic publishes a 17-nation "Greendex" study on, among many other things, transit use and walking.  In 2012, Americans came in dead last on both indices, and it wasn't close.

Kaid Benfield, Special Counsel for Urban Solutions, Natural Resources Defense Council, recently wrote on this site about why this is happening in his piece, "Americans Don't Walk Much and I Don't Blame Them."