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Architects and Their Iconic Buildings

The ABC of Architects, a video created by Fedelpeye, a motion design/production firm and a group named OmbĂș Architecture hit the front pages of Vimeo this week. As a design student, I was thrilled to find such a gem of an educational opportunity. Everyone experiences some form of architecture in their scope of a community, so a wide audience can appreciate the content. The video flips through, in alphabetical order, famous architects and the iconic structure that best sums up their portfolio of work. For me, the beauty of this animation is in the way it offers lines and colors. The construction and deconstruction of the cartoons follow the rules of the architect's style. The video is whimsical, but not at the price of the subject matter.

The fast-paced nature of the production gives each celebrated building only a few seconds of screen time. I find this to be an exciting way to recognize their unique and distinct qualities. These features can be anything from the bright roof color to the use of window materials. Do we recognize them for their height? Do we first notice their curves? In five seconds or less, how can one display a masterful work in an identifiable way? I commend the craft of the project. It covers everything from the organic bends of Gehry, to the strong geometry of Utzon, to the invisible and clean lines of Johnson. Each philosophy was well preserved.

I encourage you to press play and test your knowledge.