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Cities and Youth Unemployment in the UK

The continued fall in youth unemployment is good news, as is the extension of the Youth Contract. Yet the picture across the UK shows that the youth claimant rate remains high in many cities and young people continue to be stuck on benefits.

Top 5 cities with highest youth claimant rate: Hull (10.4%), Middlesbrough (10.1%), Barnsley (9.5%), Doncaster (9.4%), Birmingham (9.1%)

Top 5 cities with highest % of 16-24 year old claimants on JSA for 1 year or more: Hull (29.4%), Ipswich (27.8%), Dundee (25.8%), Middlesbrough (25.2%), Sunderland (24.2%)

Youth claimant rate and % of 16-24 year old claimants on JSA for 1 year or more by city, November 2012

12-12-13 Youth unemployment (NC)