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Urbanism and #CityData: Ten Facts About Cities, Part 2

Our #citydata series has been going down a storm on Tumblr and Facebook, sharing factoids about cities in a highly visual format. After consolidating our first ten parts into a post on This Big City a few weeks back, it's time for another instalment. We've been busy looking for interesting data snapshots from cities across the globe, and here's ten (more) of them:

And over 1.4 million trips on CitiBike since its launch just two months ago!

Of which $3.50 goes to the tour guide.

Denver's b-cycle offers a bike-share alternative, with users taking more than a half a million rides on the service since it opened in 2010.

Compared to…

A cost saving so compelling 147 cities have now got BRT systems.

If you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, think twice about getting a pet.

The city's bus and metro have also seen a 26% increase in ridership since 2008.

"Therein lies an enormous opportunity for public transit authorities to reach out and get connected to this large, young audience through social media." 

If you know of any interesting data for our #citydata series, let us know in the comments below!