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Eco-Internet: 5 Ways Energy Efficiency Can Be Promoted Online

In this day and age, most people understand the importance of being eco-friendly. However, they may not realize how many different options are at their disposal. They may be working under the impression that taking better care of our resources is either too expensive or is otherwise out of their reach. This is why it's important to promote energy efficiency tips, data, and information online. With so many people accessing the Internet every day, it's an excellent way to reach this target audience so that they can start embracing energy efficient changes in their own homes.


Research shows that people are more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article. This is why so many retailers are now putting out videos of their products at work. You can take advantage of this trend to help save the planet by posting videos showing how easy it is to embrace an energy efficient lifestyle. Be sure to use Adobe Spark to create quality thumbnails with clear images so that viewers will be more likely to click on the link and view your message.

Forums for Lively Discussion

When people have questions these days, they look to Google for answers. You can start a forum where people can ask questions and have them answered by professionals in your field and other citizens who have valuable information to share. Forums will appear in search results, so this venue can also be used to boost traffic to your website and help you achieve better search engine results.

Facebook Pages

Business and interests pages are also a great way to spread your message online. Link your FB page with other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram so that you'll keep the information current and your readers engaged. Post links to your YouTube videos to help broaden your audience. Utilize a mixture of images, memes, quick facts, and links to more thorough blogs to share your information and get your message across. Facebook also has a boost post feature that allows you to reach a larger audience with one particular post, and that can lead to more likes for your page.

Social Media Optimized for Mobile Devices

Internet users are no longer tethered to home computers. They're now accessing the World Wide Web through their smartphones, and social media platforms are a great way to reach those mobile users. Have fun with your Twitter account by showing someone removing an incandescent bulb and replacing it with a fluorescent one. Use Instagram to share a picture of an electric bill that shows falling consumption levels year over year. Use Snapchat to talk about other ways that you can be more eco-friendly and do your part to reduce the carbon footprint.

Develop a Following

Blogs are a great way to reach people, and you can use them to share your knowledge and passion. If you go with a slightly larger website and blog, then you can have different pages for statistics on energy usage, tips on being eco-friendly, and upcoming events that your readers might find interesting. Link your blog with your YoutTube channels, Facebook, and other social media accounts to keep your followers engaged and help boost your ratings.

The Internet is a powerful tool that's being used by all types of businesses and individuals alike. If you're passionate about the environment and being more eco-friendly, then these platforms can help you share your message and reach more people. Stay active with fresh posts and videos to keep people engaged.