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The Ephemeral Village 2014: A Visionary Event in Montreal, Canada

For the second year in a row, the Quebec Urban Design Association (ADUQ) has initiated a call for proposals in order to build an Ephemeral Village 2014.

ADUQ's goal is to transform underused places and turn them into gathering spots, places for experimenting with Montreal's best: its creativity.

A Very Ephemeral Success

Last year, the Ephemeral Village was situated at the Peel Basin: a more than appropriate choice with an unobstructed view of the scarlet Farine Five Rose sign and a terrain that swims in the canal. Who would not want to spend more time there?

Ephemeral Village 2013, Montreal, Canada

What we regret about last year was the short duration of the event (yes, I know that's what ephemeral means): a single and unique soiree to take advantage of an improved Montreal. This year, the Ephemeral Village returns with umph, with 2 months ahead to reinvent a place where life is good.

The Design Community at Its Best

The event takes place at Pied-au-Courant, more precisely in the Bellerive Park – it's just that it does not wear its name very well. Even though it has an unbelievable view on the opposite bank (the Ronde, the Feux [fireworks] Loto-Quebec), this site has been left adrift. In order to revitalize this space and to occupy it, the Ephemeral Village will take the form of a boardwalk, where you can discover cafes, terraces, bars, a beach, outdoor movie theatre, bleachers, sports fields, gardens and other pavilions.

Ephemeral Village 2014, Montreal, Canada

The goal is to show the authorities that it is worth investing in abandoned places by demonstrating their potential – and that losing a place is losing a superb opportunity.

Around 20 projects were retained from ADUQ's call for proposals. We reserved the best of the best in design genius in order to create an innovative place for generating meetups through the help of repurposed maritime containers. Among the participants, certain projects caught my interest, such as The Delicatessen, The Observatory, The Patch. But good ideas abound, and I invite you to familiarize yourselves with the fascinating projects.

In order to make this event a success, ADUQ has also called on the general population to participate in a crowdsourcing financing campaign on Indiegogo. I am not going to make a case for them here, but simply tell you that each donated sum comes with a corresponding type of reward, such as free coupons to bars and restaurants, the name of the donor gets written on a wall, a reusable bag at the event, a free meal, or even a front seat for viewing the Feux de Loto-Quebec (accompanied with a bottle of wine).

The Facebook event can be found here.

Come and take advantage of the potential of our spaces.

How do single events like this help bring attention to underused spaces?

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