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Five Innovations Improving Cycling in Cities

As the bicycle becomes an increasing priority in many cities, numerous innovations have followed. Whether large-scale infrastructure or smaller design changes, collectively, these developments are making cycling in cities easier, safer and more enjoyable. Here are five of our favourites (click the titles for more information!):

Traffic lights timed for cyclists

Traffic lights in Copenhagen are timed to cater for cyclists, meaning if you cycle through the city at around 20km per hour, you'll never meet a red light. One reason why Copenhagen is one of the world's most cycle friendly cities.

Multi-storey bicycle parks

Ever struggle to find space to park your bicycle? Amsterdam have attempted to tackle that issue – albeit supposedly temporarily – with a floating multi-storey bicycle park at Central Station. Cycling is so wildly popular in the Dutch capital, however, that space for an additional 3,500 bicycles is still not enough.

Improved bicycle parking

Kent-based organisation Cycle Pods have created an innovative portfolio of bicycle storage solutions. Features include improved spatial efficiency, shelter from the rain, and a customisable, modular design.

Multi-functional cycling centres

Australian bicycle parking company Penny Farthings have created the Green Pod – a high quality facility for cyclists containing secure space to leave your bicycle, a changing room, lockers and a shower. Units can be customised depending on the needs of the area or venue they serve.

Cycle hire schemes

Cycle hire schemes are popping up in cities all over the world, most of which have been well received. London, in particular, has had enormous success with its scheme, offering residents and visitors an easy and affordable way of getting around the city.