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Google Promoting Local Sustainable Seafood


Seems I'm constantly on Google when researching an upcoming Global Patriot blog post, and those of you who are long time readers know that I'll often write about sustainability issues, but I had never put the two subjects together until I read a post entitled: Gone Fishin' – Piloting Community Supported Fisheries at Google.

While we can collectively create quantum shifts in global behaviour from the sum of individual actions, and world governments should play a significant role by enacting balanced & intelligent legislation, we often overlook the influence that corporations have to promote healthy living in concert with local sustainable organizations such as Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs.

Google Culinary Team in Half Moon Bay

Google Culinary Team Visiting Fishermen in Half Moon Bay

According to Liv Wu, Executive Chef at Google, they've long been committed to sourcing food for company cafes as locally, seasonally and organically as possible.  But they took this approach one step further in May, 2011 by launching the Google Community Supported Fishery (CSF), a program that allows Googlers to purchase a weekly supply of local, sustainable seafood through a partnership established with the Half Moon Bay (HMB) Fisherman's Association.

Knowing where our seafood, meat and produce come from, as well as knowing how they're raised, farmed or harvested, makes all the difference in the on-the-ground work of sustainability. We see many bright spots ahead for our Community Supported Agriculture and Fishery programs, such as expansion to other offices and adding a grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry program. It's exciting to work someplace where we can think big and local.

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Google's Green Seafood Fair- Hats off to Google for promoting sustainable seafood practices!