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Green Manufacturing Over Time

How Green Manufacturing Has Developed Over Time

People are getting increasingly vocal about green productts, demanding more and they are willing to pay more for these products. As people's demands are answered, companies are stepping up to change their business practices and keep up with consumers wants. Some companies have seen substantial benefits from turning green, including increased revenues as well as an improved working environment. With more sustainable initiatives in place, businesses, employees, investors and stakeholders are happier.

The infographic makes clear how countries have performed over time; a year to year analysis shows the percentage change of carbon emission output by these countries on a world map. It is not just the companies that need to be concerned about how they operate but countries have to as well. Every country around the world is accountable for how they make an impact on the environment and the footprint they leave. It is always great to see when countries make a great effort to pull their weight and be more eco-friendly.

What has become evident through green manufacturing over time is that some companies are really pushing forward with green change. The best performing companies in 2011 showed what they had to offer from wind-powered stores to fuel-efficient aircraft to increased recycling activities. Johnson & Johnson are already halfway towards their goal for their Earthwards portfolio by 2015 and more manufacturers are becoming involved in sustainable events, for example Pepsico this year was involved in recycling for the London Olympics 2012 games, making it a more sustainable event. The best improvement however has been by a toy manufacturer Hasbro, who have won numerous green awards this year and been named for more awards, as you will see in this infographic. We hope 2013 will be as green as 2012.

Infographic courtesy of Distinctive Doors

Infographic by Distinctive Doors