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A Guide to "Good" City Places

good_bristolBristol is already a Fair Trade city, but is it a 'good' city? Maëlle Falguieres looks at a new online initiative inspiring consumers in Bristol to think more carefully about their impact upon the environment.

So is Bristol a 'good' city? You can find the answer on, a not-for-profit website set up by the Bristol Green Capital Partnership to promote ethical, sustainable consumerism. encourages Bristolians and visitors alike to take an interest in sustainability by exploring new places and ideas, sampling local food and browsing beautiful clothes. Helping make our city 'green' is about changing consumer behaviour to become more ethical and sustainable whilst supporting local businesses.

Bristol is a bustling hub of ethical and sustainable businesses. The web site is a directory of restaurants, bars, shops, cultural sites and organisations which may source local produce, sell ethically made goods locally or deliver the services they offer in a sustainable way. They are all involved in minimising the damage caused by humans to the planet and its resources.

The project started in 2012, but already the guide has a list of 120 'good' places. Not only does it help aid ethical consumer choices, but the website advertises small, local businesses which may otherwise be over-shadowed by bigger companies. Good Bristol showcases what a green city Bristol is by celebrating its inspiring and imaginative activities and practices.

The website builds upon the contents of the Guide to Good Living, published by Sawdays two years ago, which sold over 4000 copies.

Now, instead of needing to carry the book round town, people with smart phones have the information they need to make 'good' choices at their fingertips. In order to make browsing easy, can be categorised by area of Bristol (Central, Citywide, North east, South end, etc.) or by what the user is interested in (eating out, shopping, recycling, transport, energy, activities for the family, volunteering, etc.). Users are also actively encouraged to contribute to the content of the website by leaving feedback about where they have visited – was it 'good' or was it 'greenwash'?

We hope will inspire the public and businesses in Bristol to think more carefully about their impact upon the environment. Check out before you next go shopping or before you visit the City in June for the BIG Green Week festival. We really do only have one world, let's help make it a good one!