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It's a Good Week to be a Bicyclist


If you're one of the millions of Americans who prefers to travel around on two wheels, this is a very good week to be you! No matter your reason for riding, there's something interesting happening in the next few days. Biking is a great way to experience great places: it gets us out in the open air, moving at a speed that allows us to appreciate our surroundings. Below, we've rounded up some events going on around the country this week that give you a great excuse to get out and bike your city or town!

For the itinerant bicyclist: Are you always looking for somewhere new to go on your bike? Do you prefer to roll even when traveling just a couple of blocks, for the sheer joy of it? The folks behind WalkScore have just released BikeScore, a set of maps that show how "bikable" 10 major US cities are based on bike infrastructure, topography, and the density of attractions and amenities in various neighborhoods. Now, you can figure out exactly which parts of town are best for living life in the foam saddle.

For the thrifty bicyclist: This Wednesday, May 16th, marks the end of the earlybird registration period for September's Pro Walk / Pro Bike conference in Long Beach, which will focus on the theme "Pro Place." Over the course of the week, conference-goers will be able to learn about how to strengthen their cities by and network with other bicyclists (and pedestrians!) from around the country. You can save big on registration for one more day, so don't dawdle!

For the activist bicyclist: Also on Wednesday, you can show solidarity with fallen bicyclists by taking part in the 10th Annual Ride of Silence. The Ride's mission is to "HONOR those who have been injured or killed, RAISE AWARENESS that we are here, and ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD." As far as bicycling has come in the past few years, it's important to remember that hundreds of people are killed while riding in the US every year, and there is still important work to do to create safer streets for everyone.

For the workaday bicyclist: The League of American Bicyclists is promoting May 14-18 as "National Bike to Work Week," with a big push toward Friday's nationwide Bike to Work Day. So throw the dress shoes in a backpack, put on your sneakers, and grab a comb to counteract any instances of helmet hair: this is the week to bike to work! You can also find a full listing of events happening during May as part of the LAB's Bike Month on their website.

Top Image Credit: dny3d/Shutterstock