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A Look Back at 2012 and Forward to 2013


We'd like to start you off with a very brief review of 2012 by Bill McKibben in an interview on NPR:

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Welcome back.

Interesting, huh?  In case you missed it, here are some highlights.  (See, we know our audience – project managers.  You're busy.  You're bottom line people.  You're Type A, information-seeking folks.  And we know that you may not actually have gone and listened to the interview).

On how President Obama can demonstrate his seriousness

"I think the first tell that we're going to get of whether the second term will be different will be the president's decision on this Keystone Pipeline — the huge pipeline to the tar sands of Canada. It's the one thing that's really united the environmental movement and brought people out into the streets. The president will make a decision on it [at] some point in the first half of the year
and if he stands up to the fossil fuel industry for once, it will be, I think, a sign that he may be ready to take climate change with at least a little bit of the seriousness it deserves."

On the biggest environmental issues in 2013

"In this country one of the big questions will be whether we luck out and are able to see some break in this drought or whether it stretches on for another year. Already the Mississippi, which just 18 months ago was in record flood, is now flirting with the lowest water ever measured there.

"Food prices were up 40 and 45 percent around the world because the harvest failed in North America. The world is at a point [where] last year it grew less food than it consumed. We can't keep on with this kind of erratic weather and not pay huge consequence."

On how Germany is leading the way in climate change initiatives

"The clear alternative and the best news from 2012 came from Germany, the one big country that's taken climate change seriously. Their energy minister announced in November that they were going to blow past their targets for renewable power. This is in Germany, mind you. I mean, Munich is north of Montreal, but there were days last summer when they generated more than half the power they used from solar panels within their borders. What they're proving is it's not natural bounty nor technological know-how that holds us back; it's simply political will, one resource we're capable of ginning up if we set our minds to it."


From an EarthPM standpoint we'd like to take this time to thank our readers/followers for your attention.  2012 was a great year for us.  We've gone well over 1000 Twitter followers now and continue to see a huge volume of hits on our site.  We hope that you'll also take this subject seriously enough to purchase the Kindle version of our book, Green Project Management.

In 2013 you'll continue to see more from us.  We'll continue our partnership with the Sustainability Learning Centre of Canada, with the US Department of Energy and GM and its ECOCAR2 project, and there are some pretty big surprises as well which we cannot yet reveal (hey, we have to keep some sense of suspense and drama).

Happy New Year from EarthPM!