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Public Space Projects Coming to Vancouver this Summer: A Zipline, a Slip n' Slide, and a 'Porch Parade'


I love featuring awesome public space projects on Sustainable Cities Collective, especially if they are happening in my community. This year, Metro Vancouver has already announced plans for a zipline in Queen Elizabeth Park, a slip n' slide in North Vancouver and a 'Porch Parade' downtown in Robson Square. So instead of the usual hiking, biking and beach bumming that most Vancouverites enjoy in the summer, you can now add sliding, zipping or porch sitting in the city to your agenda.

Porch Parade:

It looks like downtown Vancouver will finally be getting some new affordable housing - well, not really. But Robson Square will be home to some nice front porches where you can hang out on a summer day. Every year since 2011, the City of Vancouver's ViVa Vancouver program holds a design competition to choose a public space installation for Robson Square's temporary public plaza in the 800-block of Robson St. This year, the city's most popular downtown public plaza will be home to a "Porch Parade" an arrangement of front porches in vibrant colours.

A total of 81 submissions were submitted and reviewed by a panel of judges comprised of local architects and designers. The selected winner was created by Chicago-based architectural design company Design With (made up of architects Stewart Hicks and Allison Newmeyer). Check out the other designs, including People' Choice here.


Zip Line in Queen Elizabeth Park

The Vancouver Parks Board just voted in favour of installing a zip line in Queen Elizabeth Park this summer. Built by Vancouver-based company Greenheart, the zip line will start near the Bloedel Conservatory and swoop down through the gardens below at 30km per hour. As many as 60 people an hour could use the 190-metre zip line according to the company, which will be financing the zip line and charging $15 to $20 a rider.

The zip line will be part of Queen Elizabeth Park's 75th-anniversary celebrations. The concept of rambunctious tourists screaming with glee as they descend down a zip-line in an otherwise peaceful park is controversial with some Vancouverites. But, the line is temporary, so enjoy it while you can this summer before the park returns to being a peaceful urban respite.


Slip N' Slide in North Vancouver

On August 22nd, an American company called 'Slide the CIty' is bringing a massive Slip N' Slide to Victoria Park in North Vancouver.The slide is 1000ft, which is equivalent to three football fields. According to the company, each event has live music, food and drinks: "Don't worry, we've got it padded.This slide's got more cushion than your grandpa's orthopedic sneakers." The cost of using the slide ranges from $25-45, depending on when you register.