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13 Elements of a Dream Green Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Got a dream green home you'd love to build? Sure, you'll probably want to include solar panels in the building… but that's just one element. Green building involves making the most efficient use of the materials that go into the building, and creating a space that allows for sustainable use of resources needed to live in that home… so, energy's important, but so is water use, air quality, and the relationship of the landscaping to the larger surrounding environment.

If you're thinking about building green, keep this infographic nearby, as it covers thirteen elements that you'll want to consider in the design and construction of your home. Also keep in mind that this list isn't definitive; it does, however, demonstrate well that building green involves big-picture thinking beyond "Hey, let's put solar panels up."

Got things you'd like to see added to this list? Tell us about them in the comments. And if you need a larger version of the infographic, just click on it…

how to build your green home infographic

Infographic credit: DJ Miller is an avid writer and graphic designer from Tampa, Florida. He is an environmental tech enthusiast that covers everything from solar panels to cisterns. Feel free to follow him on Twitter @MillerHeWrote.