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On Urban Diaries: a 'Seeing the Better City' Prequel

Charles R. (Chuck) Wolfe provides a unique perspective about cities as both a long-time writer about urbanism worldwide and as an attorney in Seattle, where he focuses on land use and environmental law. In particular, his work involves the use of innovative land use regulatory tools in the urban redevelopment context on behalf of both the private and public sectors.  He blogs at and is the author of two books; Urbanism Without Effort, 2013 and Seeing the Better City, 2017.

Andy Boenau (@boenau) is a Richmond, Virginia planner who manages a go-to podcast about human-scale urban solutions.  His "on-air" questions are always designed to invoke practical hints and examples for listeners, and I track his topics and guests on a regular basis.  This week, I was both flattered and pleased to be featured, as we discussd a common passion, the proactive use of urban photography today.

Andy's questions focused on the practical side of my upcoming book, Seeing the Better City. He emphasized the book's "obervation for more than observations's sake" approach, and he probed the elements of the "urban diary tool" and the many ways it might be used by city-dwellers today.  

See Andy's summary, here. To listen immediately, click the direct podcast link, here.