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Do You Promote Liveable Communities? Could You Win a 'Walking Visionaries' Award?

The Walking Visionaries Awards are one of this year's most exciting awards programs for sustainable urbanism and future mobility. Do you know a potential winner? Organized by the Management Team of the 2015 Walk21 conference, to be held in Vienna, Austria from October 20 to 23, the Walking Visionaries Awards are open for ideas and projects covering all fields related to walking and liveable communities.



As a member of the team preparing Walk21 Vienna, I am personally very excited about the opportunity that we aim to create with the Walking Visionaries Awards: We want to bring a diverse range of young and actively engaged participants to the Walk21 conference in Vienna.

In this sense the awards program invites submissions from all over the world that deal with the promotion of walking for creating more sustainable urban environments and liveable communities.

The awards are open for individuals, collectives, interest groups, or NGOs from across the globe who are engaged in the promotion of walking and the building liveable communities.

As the Awards' website states: "The Walking Visionaries Awards highlight new ideas for fulfilling the potentials of walking for liveable communities. The programme invites individuals and organisations from across the globe, from different professional backgrounds and cultural contexts alike. Participants in the Walking Visionaries Awards are united by one thought: that walking is an integral element of a good, just and sustainable city."

Award Categories

As walking and the promotion of walkability is a diverse and multi-disciplinary challenge the Walking Visionaries Awards aim to involve a broad range of submissions.

The awards categories are:



The awards submittors benefit in multiple ways from particpating in the programme. Each and every submission to the awards will be published on the website and become part of a collection of creative ideas that will foster the submitters' network and allow others to learn from inspiring ideas.

From the start we aim to give back visibility and acknowledgment to the authors of all the projects, ideas and visions submitted.

The main prizes are though 30 invitations to the 2015 Walk21 conference in Vienna where the winning "Walking Visionaries" will receive privileged access to the foremost global venue to discuss walking and liveable communities: The Walk21 conference in Vienna, Austria in October 2015.

During the conference, award winners will meet leading voices in the field of non-motorized transport, future mobility and sustainable urbanism. The "Walking Visionaries" will enrich their professional knowledge, expand their networks of peers and extend the scope of their work. Moreover, selected award winners will actively participate in the Walk21 Vienna conference programme as presenters of conference formats such as speed dating, lectures, round tables or workshops.

Currently there is funding available for 30 award winners. We are working hard to increase this number with the help of additional sponsors.

Submission and Voting

The Walking Visionaries Awards are open for ideas and projects covering all fields related to walking and liveable communities.

Submissions will be accepted exclusively via the online submission form starting from March 2015 through 30 April 2015. The prizes for the Walking Visionaries Awards are allocated to equal parts by a public online vote and a jury vote.

Throughout May 2015 (04-25 May 2015), a public online voting will determine one half of the Walking Visionaries. The Awards reach out to the global community to help define the most innovative and potentially useful ideas and projects for walking and liveable communities.

In late May 2015, a jury vote will determine the other half of the Walking Visionaries. The winners of the awards will be published in June 2015.

For more information please have a look at the awards' FAQ and keep an eye on the website of the Walking Visionaries Awards to receive future updates.