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WEBCAST Florian Lorenz on the Vienna Cycling Manifesto

An exclusive webinar for Sustainable Cities Collective website, introducing the new cycling correspondent for Sustainable Cities Collective.

Cycling is a very popular topic amongst followers of developments in Sustainable Cities for a number of reasons: it's healthy, it's sociable, it saves energy and congestion and pollution. Vienna, in Austria, has emerged as a leader in integrating cycling into cities. It has recently published a manifesto for cycling to which other cities should pay attention and here to talk about it with David Thorpe is Florian Lorenz, a cycling evangelist who works for a consultancy that has helped develop the manifesto.

He answers questions such as:

  • Why has Vienna evolved as a beacon for promoting cycling?
  • What is Velo-City and the manifesto for cycling?
  • How is Vienna tackling the problem of motivating persons who currently cycle only occasionally to ride a bike on a daily basis.
  • You're calling for a "redefinition and redistribution of public space". Radical stuff. What does it mean?
  • And what does it mean for businesses who might object? Is there objection from businesses - because it might restrict the movement of goods?
  • In practice, how are shared "municipal administrative procedures going to support cycling at all administrative levels" as the manifesto claims?
  • How will you know you've succeeded?
  • What are the barriers to success?
  • Tell me about the proposed comprehensive mobility card.
  • Are cargo bikes a reality in Vienna?
  • What is Bike City?

Florian works for PlanSinn. He lives in Vienna and will being to post articles on this website from next week about initiatives to promote cycling in cities all over the world. Watch out for them.