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WEBCAST: Pooran Desai at the World Economic Forum in Davos

The rich and powerful of the World Economic Forum have been meeting in the Swiss town of Davos all week. Pooran Desai has been there. He's the Sustainability Director of social enterprise and charity BioRegional whose mission is to introduce the concept of ecological footprinting into city planning, architecture and business. He heads up BioRegional's One Planet Communities programme and is an author of a book of the same name. He practices what he preaches by living in BedZED in South London, a low carbon apartment block that he helped design, and by driving a sportscar which runs on waste cooking oil. In this video interview from Davos during the forum, Pooran answers the following questions:

  • First of all, for those of us who never been there, what is it actually like in Davos during the world economic Forum?
  • You are there as part of BioRegional's team, what are you hoping to achieve?
  • What would you say were the major themes of this year's conference?
  • The world's rich and powerful are often accused of living in a bubble. If they are at all interested in sustainability to what extent is it enlightened self-interest, and to what extent true philanthropism?
  • Does being there make you feel optimistic or pessimistic for the future of the planet?
  • As you prepare to leave Davos what is in store for BioRegional?
  • Can you define what a One Planet Community is?
  • How do you think cities should adapt in the future to become more sustainable?