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Tell Us Your Walking Stories – for a Healthier and Sustainable Future Urban Environment

Vienna Mariahilfer Straße meeting zone  (C) City of Vienna

by the blog editors

In October 2015 the city of Vienna will host the Walk21 conference with the motto „stepping ahead". The event will assemble experts from the fields of walking promotion, research, policy, planning and delivery. It will be a unique opportunity for all participants to learn from international experiences, to showcase local challenges and solutions and foster connections throughout the expanding Walk21 Network.

Preparing for Walk21 Vienna the Walk21 Vienna International Committee aims to create debate, present new thoughts, set agendas and connect people by telling „Walking Stories" on this blog. These articles will touch upon current issues in the field of active transport, urban quality and sustainable urbanism. They will provide insights ranging from issues of global concern for the international community to local stories dealing with the city of Vienna itself.

The „Walking Stories" will collect voices from the Walk21 Network and the Walk21 Vienna Team. We will hear from the Walk21 Vienna Ambassadors, from the Walking Visionaries and from a range of experts around the globe.

Just as the conference brings together a diverse collection of voices, the „Walking Stories" will present articles that reflect the thinking of each individual author in the series. The blog should not be understood as a voice for the Walk21 Vienna conference or Walk21 as an organisation nor that it mirrors the thinking of the conference organisers. So you can look forward to read and hear about many diverse and engaged topics on this blog.

If you would like to share a walking story or have any messages for the editors, feedback or questions please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

Meanwhile: Enjoy the „Walking Stories" and keep on walking!

The „Walking Stories" editors

Wolfgang Gerlich | Annemarie Sulzberger | Florian Lorenz from the Walk21 Vienna Communications Team & Bronwen Thornton | Jim Walker from Walk21

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