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Who Grows in a Shoe?

Grown in the City reader Mike Szilagyi from Ontario, Canada, shared the following photo of his balcony garden, illustrating that you really can garden in even the most limited of spaces, using pretty much anything you have on hand!

As Mike noted: 

I tried my hand at container gardening this year and one of the things I did (which is pictured) was take an old pair of shoes, take out the insoles, drill a few holes in the bottom and fill the pair with soil and some plants. The purplish plant is Bugleweed and the other is Spotted Dead Nettle. The picture was taken after a month on my balcony and they both seem be doing well. I think it's a fun way to reuse some old shoes (of which we've all got plenty) and people seem to enjoy them!

Very cool idea, Mike!

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