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Smart Cities Coordinator

Full Time • Posted April 10

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Company Description


At Omaha by Design, we believe people-centered urban design is essential to thriving communities.

We know the built environment is a major determinant of our communities’ quality of life, accounting for measurable impacts in economic vitality, educational attainment, affordability, talent attraction and development, equitable access to opportunity, even health and wellness and civic engagement. It’s fair to say:

The city we shape, in turn shapes us.

In response, Omaha by Design works across our community to enable and inspire a built environment which advances human flourishing. We do this by convening, educating, advocating, and encouraging engagement in the topics which shape the form of our city. Our successes are thus shared successes, and move us one step closer to our vision:

A more vibrant, livable city for all

Our work leverages the best ideas in urban design within our defined Areas of Impact:


A city brings people together. We focus on the elements that enhance our public spaces, including public art, historic preservation, and the strengthening of neighborhood assets.


A city is constantly on the move. We work to strengthen regional connections, eliminate barriers, and uncover new opportunities in how people move about the metro.


A city is more than concrete and steel. We work to bring awareness to the social and environmental consequences of past and current decisions, tackling issues such as housing affordability, density vs. sprawl, and access to jobs and education.

Job Description


The modern metropolis is constantly on the move. Today, we’re on the cusp of a new and exciting era in mobility, as ride sharing, smart technologies, and the Internet of Things revolutionize the way people and goods move about the metro. Yet the real promise of these innovations is not in the technologies themselves, but rather in their potential to connect and enhance our communities in ways that strengthen the local economy while advancing in opportunity, health, equity, and overall quality of life.


At Omaha by Design, we believe people-centered urban design is essential to thriving communities. Our work across the Omaha metro is grounded in a vision of an ever more vibrant, livable city for all. In strategic pursuit of this vision, Omaha by Design (ObD) has joined with a multidimensional team of civic and community leaders to better connect our region’s residents and visitors through innovative, technology-based mobility solutions. This team is known collectively as the Metro Smart Cities Partnership.

The Metro Smart Cities Partnership seeks to develop a regional transportation system that: drives economic growth and competitiveness; improves access to healthcare, education, and employment among the unemployed and underemployed; promotes community engagement and awareness of how transportation benefits the region; and encourages mobility in its various forms – both established and emerging. Under the guidance of the Metro Smart Cities Advisory Committee, Omaha by Design will oversee the implementation and accelerated testing of tech-based transportation pilot projects.


Omaha by Design is seeking qualified candidates for a Smart Cities Coordinator in Omaha, Nebraska. The position is at-will and will be responsible for assisting the Executive Director and Metro Smart Cities Partners with development, management, implementation and evaluation of the Metro Smart Cities Initiative, as well as other projects and programs at the nexus of mobility and public space.

Join us in building a smarter, more connected, vibrant, and livable community for all.


  • Work under the direction of the Smart Cities Advisory Committee and ObD Executive Director to create, implement, and evaluate “Smart Cities Districts” and associated “Pilot Projects.”
  • Coordinate with the Smart Cities Partners, ObD Executive Director, and stakeholders to further the goals of the Metro Smart Cities Initiative, including but not limited to: modern transportation and technology infrastructure, bus rapid transit, shared bicycle and scooter systems, autonomous vehicle technologies, ride sharing, curbside management, accessible pedestrian infrastructure, and regional transportation planning.
  • Partner to create and coordinate engaging, diverse, and outcome-focused programming, activities, and events which generate productive interest in mobility and public space.
  • Build strong relationships with public, private, nonprofit, and community stakeholders. Ensure the public has opportunities to learn about mobility projects and to provide feedback.
  • Work with partners – including regional city staff, the business community, and vendors – to implement, evaluate and refine a Smart Cities innovation framework designed to help cities manage emerging technologies in support of mobility options that offer more affordable, efficient, and equitable outcomes.
  • Assist in creating, implementing, maintaining and evaluating comprehensive communications strategy tied to mobility projects and related people-centered urban design initiatives. Contribute to team’s online presence, public relations, and other communications needs.
  • Maintain a high level of education and awareness regarding developments in Smart City environments. Follow and attend meetings, demos, conferences, and other events relevant to keeping a current understanding of Smart City technologies, processes, and opportunities.
  • Provide administrative support for smart mobility projects, including scheduling, logistics, and record keeping for meetings.
  • Assist with fundraising, including support for grant application and report content. Monitor grant finances and budgets.
  •  Research and analyze best practices in urban planning, design, and development, especially as pertains to the Smart City movement, transportation and transit networks, and emerging technology solutions to our partner cities’ mobility needs.
  • Assist partners in securing, managing, analyzing, and interpreting data produced through Metro Smart Cities pilot projects.
  • Provide writing assistance for position papers, organizational and grant reports, and other communications as needed.
  • Assist with recruiting and managing volunteers and consultants to support committee work and project-specific needs.
  • Represent Omaha by Design and the Smart Cities Partnership at various internal and external functions.


  • Commitment to and passion for improving quality of life in the metro, addressing social equity as well as building economic prosperity via mobility, technology, and public space design.
  • Advanced understanding of and experience with urban planning, transportation and transit, design and development-related issues, including emerging technologies within these fields.
  • Leadership capacity: action- and results-orientation; resourceful and entrepreneurial; inclusive; adaptable and relationship-oriented.
  • Confidence to take initiative and responsibility to deliver expected outcomes with minimal guidance on a variety of projects.
  • Strong attention to detail, good time management, organizational, and follow-through skills.
  • High-level communication skills: the ability to convey and impart complex information in an easy-to-understand format, including writing, data visualization, and in-person presentation.
  • Demonstrated public speaking and group facilitation skills. Ability to lead stakeholder engagement process and work with others toward solving problems collaboratively.
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Ability to work in a team environment with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Ability to work flexible hours including early mornings, evenings, and weekends if necessary.


  • Bachelors degree required, plus experience in team-based public or private sector role.


Send cover letter, resume, and optional portfolio of work to [email protected] Applicants will receive an email confirming receipt of materials within 24 hours. All applications must be received by April 24, 2019 (11:59pm Central Time). Selected candidates will be notified, and interviews scheduled soon after. For more information, please visit our website.

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