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13 Simple Reasons That Biking Is Better

13 Simple Reasons That Biking Is Better -- First of all, thanks to True Activist for posting this stuff online through its Facebook page. It is always great to know and share to others, these practical facts that are actually beneficial to man and the environment as well, amidst rapid motorization of many cities around the world.

Non-motorized transportation is surely one of the best alternatives to improve our deteriorating state of climate. Using it instead of our gas powered cars does not only save us some money but also improve our health and lifestyle as a whole. Here are some of the many benefits of riding a bicycle:

Most of the benefits that can be achieved by riding bicycle can be seen in the realm of physical fitness, environmental care, financial savings and traffic congestion solution. If only there is sincere discipline and regard to taking care of one's health and the built environment,increasing global fuel cost won't be as stressful to deal with, as it is today, because there is a waiting solution and alternative to battle our chaotic urban structure that is brought about by rapid urbanization.

On the other hand, Philippine's Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is on the right track of opening bike lanes in some major roads in the Metro. This, with proper integration to an upcoming intelligent transport system for the highway network of Metro Manila, I know the metro will be a better place to perform our usual trips.