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5 Surprising Facts about Wind Energy in Texas

"Texas leads the country for installed wind power, and is one of the largest wind energy producers in the world." – Terrence Henry, As Tax Credit Hangs in the Balance, Texas Sets Another Wind Record

Wind Farms in TexasAs the environmental harm caused by the use of coal as the main source of electricity production becomes more and more evident, Texans turn to wind energy as a more sustainable resource for meeting their energy needs. Let's take a look at some surprising facts about wind energy in Texas.

  1. Texas has the potential to produce 493 percent of Texan's current electricity usage using wind power;
  2. The Roscoe Wind Farm, in Roscoe, Texas, Nolan County, is the largest wind farm in the world; it produces 800 megawatts of energy;
  3. Texas could reduce global warming pollution equal to taking 2,291,000 cars off the road by 2016 if it continues its current increase in wind power production;
  4. Texas' current power generation from wind energy saves enough water to meet the needs of 130,800 Texans a year;
  5. There were eight to nine thousand, direct and indirect, jobs in wind energy in Texas in 2010.

Wind Power Potential in TexasThe above facts demonstrate that these are hopeful and exciting times for wind energy in Texas.

For more information on wind energy as an alternative sustainable-energy resource, refer to Environment Texas', an environmental non-profitorganization, report Wind Power for a Cleaner America: Reducing Global Warming Pollution, Cutting Air Pollution, and Saving Water.

What are some additional surprising, encouraging, and possibly concerning facts on wind energy in Texas?

Credit: Data and images linked to sources.