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New Friendly Garden Share Project for Bristol

Friendly Garden ShareA new Friendly Garden Share project is starting up in Bristol, and is looking for neighbourhood co-ordinators across the city.

The Friendly Garden Share project puts owners of underused gardens who would like to share their space in touch with local growers who need a garden. In return the gardener shares a proportion of the produce.

The idea is based on the same project by Lou Brown in Totnes who set up a garden share scheme there that has been running for over four years now. She says, "All I can say is that the experience has been profoundly positive and there have honestly been no drawbacks. All the gardeners and the many garden owners have worked and shared their spaces with respect and commitment."

You can find more information about the Bristol scheme here, and if you are interested in being a co-ordinator, or generally getting involved in this growing project, just contact Bristol project co-ordinator Chris.