The Smart Cities Dive Outlook on 2021

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The year 2020 was a tumultuous one for cities, marked by unprecedented changes due to the coronavirus pandemic that included deserted downtowns; strapped city budgets; nationwide racial justice protests; an influx of autonomous technologies and much more. 

Smart Cities Dive stayed on top of these fast-changing trends to deliver the latest insights from industry leaders across sectors. And though we know trying to predict the future can be a fool’s errand, there are still lessons to be learned for the year ahead by understanding the challenges and opportunities of 2020. 

Join us as we peer into the future and explore the key trends likely to take hold in 2021, including the top mobility startups ripe for growth; highlights from this year’s virtual CES; and a series of predictions from top smart city experts.  

We'll continue reporting on the latest urban developments and would love to hear from you: What are your predictions for the year ahead? What key lessons did you learn from 2020’s numerous challenges? Drop us a note here. 

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11 experts predict what 2021 will hold for cities

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The Smart Cities Dive Outlook on 2021

As government leaders continue to reflect on the challenges of 2020, the team at Smart Cities Dive has outlined key trends and technologies likely to take hold in the year ahead.

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  • 11 expert predictions for what 2021 will hold for cities
  • 7 mobility startups to watch this year
  • 6 trends CES showcased, and what they mean for smart cities
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