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6 Ways Green Plastics Will Benefit the Environment

The environment we are living in today is in grave danger due to the increase in toxicity brought about by the material we release to the environment. Due to awareness created by large organizations dealing with environmental conservation, people are doing things differently so as to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment. These are ways that will ensure sustainability of the environment.

One of the major problems in environmental conservation is plastics. The common plastics (such as plastic extrusions) are produced using oil based products. Through research, a new alternative that is environmentally friendly has been created. This is the use of hemp in producing plastics. Unlike the non-biodegradable oil based materials used to make plastics, hemp is a natural fiber which is biodegradable which makes it environmentally friendly. Biodegradable materials are beneficial to the environment as they decompose after being disposed of enriching the soil with nutrients.

The issue of using the hemp in the production of plastics has sparked debates on whether to abandon using old based products and adapting hemp or not. To solve this, here are six benefits that can be obtained as a result of using hemp in producing plastic products.

  • The hemp-based plastics are easy to produce and consume less energy. The process of producing these plastics takes up 20% less energy as compared to manufacturing oil based plastic. Use of less energy in production is a step towards achieving sustainability.
  • Lowers carbon print levels. As compared trees, the hemp acts as better carbon sink due to its ability to absorb more carbon dioxide during its growth. As a result, we get quality air, and the ozone layer is protected as less and less amount of carbon dioxide escapes to the atmosphere.
  • After disposal, hemp products decompose faster that the oil based products. In addition, the hemp breaks down to nutrients that are useful for the soil. This is unlike oil based products which take years to break down and add nothing to the soil. Instead, they choke everything and make the soil infertile.
  • Hemp is a plant that grows and regenerates very fast. This makes it an ideal raw material since it will never be depleted.
  • One of the propositions of a sustainable environment is recyclability of products. Hemp can be recycled seven times.
  • The products made from the hemp material are lightweight and have strong fiber which is useful in making durable products.

Products like hemp provide an alternative to environmental issues that have been a problem for a very long time. With green plastics in place, we can be able to achieve sustainability as research continues on alternative ways of doing other things to save the environment. As a result, we will be able to reach sustainability needed for the current and future generations.