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  • A woman using a tablet in a cafe.
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    SDI Productions/E+ via Getty Images

    NYC launches online portal for city services, benefits

    Mayor Eric Adams said the online portal, dubbed MyCity, would make it easier for residents to apply for benefits by reducing bureaucracy and red tape.

    By March 31, 2023
  • A DroneUp pilot overseeing drone delivery at Walmart store
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    Courtesy of Walmart press kit DroneUp announcement
    Deep Dive

    Drone companies gearing up to meet lofty delivery goals

    Zipline and Alphabet's Wing aim to scale up and reach more customers, which could soon lead to millions of deliveries each year, according to the companies.

    By Max Garland • March 31, 2023
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    Chicago tests new parking enforcement tech, smart loading zones

    Mayor Lightfoot asked the city council to consider the pilot projects to increase road safety in January, after the parents of a young girl killed in a traffic collision filed a lawsuit alleging the city allowed unsafe road conditions.

    By March 16, 2023
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    Can tech startups make delivery less of a headache for cities?

    The proliferation of delivery services was a boon during the pandemic, but traffic, parking and labor concerns have followed. Tech and startup leaders spoke recently about how to reduce those impacts.

    By Maylin Tu • March 13, 2023
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    Permission granted by Cisco - US
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    How scale and automation can enhance employee and constituent lives—really

    Government technology leaders are helping address staffing shortages and improve employee and constituent experiences, while also driving organizational and IT benefits and increasing their agencies’ agility.

    March 13, 2023
  • Large deep pothole in Montreal street, Canada
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    Marc Bruxelle/

    Sponsored by Rubicon

    Driving change: How cities can use AI to revolutionize road repair

    What if there was a way to detect the problems of deteriorating roads before they become major issues?

    March 13, 2023
  • A water purification facility in San Jose.
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    EPA unveils cybersecurity oversight for public drinking water systems

    “Cyberattacks that are targeting water systems pose a real and significant threat to our security,” said Radhika Fox, assistant administrator for the EPA Office of Water, during a teleconference with reporters.

    By David Jones • March 6, 2023
  • The sun rises near the White House in Washington, DC.
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    Zach Gibson via Getty Images

    White House releases national cyber strategy, shifting security burden

    “We ask individuals, small businesses and local governments to shoulder a significant burden for defending us all. This isn’t just unfair, it’s ineffective,” said Kemba Walden, acting national cyber director, during a call with reporters.

    By David Jones • March 3, 2023
  • A view of the Arlington, Virginia skyline.
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    SeanPavonePhoto/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Virginia county launches smart parking pilot

    Arlington County, Virginia, has partnered with eleven-x to install approximately 5,000 sensors in on-street parking spaces, allowing drivers to use signs and an app to get real-time information about parking availability.

    By Feb. 17, 2023
  • A Tesla car recharges its battery at the Petaluma Supercharger on March 09, 2022 in Petaluma, California.
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    Justin Sullivan / Staff via Getty Images

    Tesla to make some of its EV chargers public as White House announces rules for national charging network

    The rules will require federally funded chargers to be built in the United States, beginning with final assembly and some manufacturing processes.

    By Robert Walton • Feb. 15, 2023
  • A vehicle with dual exhaust.
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    2399/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    ‘Noise cameras’ aim to address vehicle nuisance complaints on city streets

    Aftermarket vehicle exhaust systems are a noisy nuisance on some streets and intersections. Cities are trying new technology to pinpoint the problem and, in one city, ticket the offenders.

    By Dan Rosenbaum • Feb. 15, 2023
  • Digital data flow on road with motion blur to create vision of fast speed transfer.
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    NanoStockk/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Smart city conferences to attend in 2023

    From electric vehicles and micromobility to housing and climate resiliency, here are some notable events for smart city leaders this year.

    By Feb. 13, 2023
  • The east side of the US Capitol in the early morning. Senate Chamber in the foreground.
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    drnadig via Getty Images

    House bill aims to create lending institution for infrastructure projects

    The Federal Infrastructure Bank would work with state and local partners on private infrastructure investments via loans and loan guarantees, helping finance work such as transportation projects and broadband connectivity.

    By Jennifer Goodman • Feb. 8, 2023
  • Downtown Philadelphia.
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    Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Philly launches digital tool to ease building permitting process

    The pilot aims to improve access to information about necessary permits, approvals and other requirements for some residential and commercial projects, the city said.

    By Feb. 7, 2023
  • Matching Day and Night New York Skyline at sunrise, midday, night and on a rainy day.
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    ferrantraite via Getty Images

    2023 Smart Cities Outlook

    In the year ahead, city leaders will face economic headwinds while tackling the housing shortage and changes in travel behavior and decarbonizing transportation and buildings.

    By Feb. 1, 2023
  • ChargePoint, Stem strike EV charging and battery storage deal for highway corridor fast-charging networks

    Combining charging, battery storage and AI-driven energy management will save money for EV site operators, the companies say.

    By Stephen Singer • Feb. 1, 2023
  • A view of downtown Austin, Texas.
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    Joe Raedle/Staff/Getty Images News via Getty Images

    10 US cities ready for a ‘smart city future’

    Tomorrow’s smart cities will have robust technology and green infrastructure, along with strong tech job markets, according to a report from real estate technology company ProptechOS.

    By Feb. 1, 2023
  • An aerial view of Washington, D.C. that includes the Washington Monument.
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    LUNAMARINA/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    DC launches public shared micromobility dashboard

    The District of Columbia also announced that VeoRide would operate shared electric scooters and bikes in the city, but Helbiz and Bird will not.

    By Jan. 30, 2023
  • Rendering of vast airport space with floor to ceiling windows on the right and skylights above.
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    Courtesy of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    7 projects to watch in 2023

    From an NFL stadium to a major airport expansion and a massive manufacturing plant, these high-profile, high-impact projects are expected to hit significant milestones this year.

    By Construction Dive Staff • Jan. 30, 2023
  • Aerial view of Oakland, California.
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    trekandshoot/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Oakland, California, aims to improve curb management with smart loading zones

    The city is working with tech company Populus to allow commercial fleet operators to automatically pay for curb use by the minute to address growing deliveries and crowded curbs.

    By Jan. 23, 2023
  • A no parking sign in a city.
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    Garrett Aitken/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Chicago may test parking enforcement tech to cut traffic deaths

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the technology could help the city address its rising traffic fatalities, which climbed over 50% between 2019 and 2021.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
  • EV charging
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    Electric vehicles near ‘tipping point’ in 2023

    Key developments for EV adoption this year include implementing federal incentives, developing a national charging network and addressing utility issues, according to transportation, energy and real estate professionals.

    By Robert Walton • Jan. 20, 2023
  • Crowds of people walking through a busy crosswalk at the intersection of 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City..
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    deberarr via Getty Images

    NYC says vehicles equipped with speed limit tech reduced unsafe driving

    Intelligent speed assistance technology installed in 50 fleet vehicles since August has resulted in near-universal compliance with local speed limits and a 36% reduction of hard-braking events, New York City officials announced.

    By Danielle McLean • Jan. 18, 2023
  • Nighttime photo of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign with blurred hotels and lights in the background.
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    wsfurlan via Getty Images
    CES 2023

    Las Vegas invests in connected vehicle technology

    Cameras and sensors transmit traffic safety information to emergency response and autonomous vehicles.

    By Jan. 18, 2023
  • A drone delivering a package.
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    helivideo/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images
    CES 2023

    Why drone delivery hasn’t taken flight in the US

    The Federal Aviation Administration this year will propose new regulations, including changes to visual line of sight requirements to support greater drone use, a federal official said.

    By Jan. 17, 2023