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City Pride: Civicism Instead of Patriotism?


The following excerpt is from a book I have started reading, titled The Spirit of Cities by Daniel A. Bell and Avner de-Shalit.

In political practice, cities are often sites of collective self-determination, but contemporary thinkers fail to theorize in ways designed to provide informed judgments about what's good and what's bad about urban pride, the idea that residents of a city are proud of their way of life and struggle to promote its particular identity, Patriotism today refers to national pride, but what about feeling proud of being a member of the (Jerusalem, Beijing, Montreal, etc.) community? We nominate the word civicism to express the sentiment of urban pride. 

I can not agree more with this idea. It's hard to associate yourself with a country, especially when it is so vast. Many times you've never even seen the majority of the country you belong to. More than often we disagree with the politics of our country, domestic and foreign. A city is something we are more familiar with, we know its geography, and its character.

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I am a proud Londoner, not a proud Englishman.