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Cruise Ship Terminal in Port of Seville Deploys Shipping Containers

Shipping containers continue gaining popularity in architectural circles. In the Port of Seville, architects Hombre de Piedra and Buró4 have designed a new cruise ship terminal, recycling used shipping containers. This trend is looking quite stylish.

The architects write, "The Port of Seville needed a new Cruise Ship Terminal with a flexible character, multipurpose, extendable, easily removable and even movable. This would permit to accomodate the unpredictable number of passengers in the port and it would not limit the possibilities of the urban-port valuable space of the Muelle de las Delicias. Re-using shipping containers was proposed. On the other hand, the place, near the historic centre, was claiming an object of architectural quality to dialogue with its urban environment."

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The uniformity of the containers was appealing.

"The on-site construction work could only last 15 days, the maximum time between two consecutive cruises docking. The modular construction with recycled shipping containers would be mostly finished in workshop, it will ensure the precision of the on-site work and it would guarantee to finish the works on time.

"The terminal's sustainable design takes advantage of the constructive and plastic potential of the re-used containers, adapting them to an environment and to a concrete climate. The heat of the sun in Seville over the metal envelope could turn the terminal into an oven. The bioclimatic strategies are, therefore, essential."

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Source: Arch Daily 

Photos: Jesús Granada and Arch Daily 

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