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Designing Your Own Long Street

So a few weeks ago we posted an article by Gareth Pearson called "Design your own Long Street" where we encouraged the public to design their dream Long Street using an app called Streetmix.

Streetmix allows you to create your own streets in minutes by dragging and dropping. It gives you the option to adjust the street width and building height, and then add or remove a number of elements including car lanes, sidewalks, street trees, bike racks, or even parklets.

Below are some of our favourite responses we received from the public. Please keep using Streetmix and sharing your designs with us by simply using the hashtag #futurelongstreet on Twitter.

By David Malan

This design appears to suggest a one way transit corridor for buses (with no lanes for cars), with two lanes for cyclists (one in each direction). Large pavements and landscaping suggest a much improved public realm.


This design removes all motorised vehicles from the street with cycle lanes down the middle, and an extensive public realm.Unknown-1


By Saskia Baard

This design is similar to the one above but with bicycle parking along each side of the cycle lane, perpendicular to the lane. See New York's Citibike parkking as an example.




This design includes a tram or single track light rail system with stations along the street, and a single cycle lane in one direction.Unknown-1


By Destination Economy 

This design proposes a cycle lane in each direction, with trees along the outside of each lane, and a median or island separating the lanes.



This design suggests a car-free shared space with bicycle park and a green corridor using trees and other landscaping.