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Eight Eco-friendly Roofing Materials When Building A Roof

When looking for a roofing material, most people go for those that are durable, affordable, and above all environmentally friendly. There are several eco-friendly options to select from depending on the cost, material, preference, and the design of your home. Roofing is not a one size fits all kind of a situation.

Here are some of the top roofing options for your home.

White Roof (Cool Roof)

Any roof with a light color or white-colored irrespective of the material is known as a cool roof. As the name suggests, the roof has a cooling effect on a house since it reflects most of the sun's rays. Cool roof systems of is an added advantage as the air conditioning will not be used during the day, and therefore there will be a significant reduction in the summer energy bills.

Standing-seam Metal Roofs

This roof is long lasting, reflects light, and is 100% recyclable. Metal roofs are not only advantageous to green homeowners, but also anyone looking forward to investing in a good roof. You can make it better by selecting a metal roof manufactured from recycled materials and of lighter color. Metal roofs are long-lasting with a span of 50 years. The roof is also fire-resistant. It is an ideal roof for those who want to harvest rainwater for use in the garden. The roof is quite advantageous for those in snowy areas since it allows snow slide off hence inhibiting the formation of ice dams.

Shingle Roof

It is also referred to as the sustainable wood shake. For those interested in a classic appearance of wood shingles, wood shingles from a well-managed forest is a perfect option.

Corrugated Roofing

This is a strong and economical green homes design. Corrugated roofing is durable and can withstand any harsh climate. With the advanced technology, this roof does not come in a translucent plastic form or a wavy sheet of metal. Today, there are various colors and styles. Its versatility enables manufactures to come up with various designs. The roof has a neat appearance and is light. The roof is easy to fix.The fact that corrugated roofing is durable makes it an excellent green building material for homeowners.

Reclaimed Slate or Clay Roof

Since time immemorial, clay and slate tiles have been used for roofing and people covet them up to date. Reclaimed tiles are the most eco-friendly option for roofing. A home with a Spanish design matches perfectly with a standard curve of red clay tiles whereas slate tiles complement the wonderful look of classy historical homes. These roofing materials are natural but very durable. They can last up to one century. Nowadays, there are light-colored clay tiles which offer the benefits of a cool roof system.

Shingle Roof From Recycled Materials

Most of the shingles sold today are made from recycled content such as plastic, wood fiber, and rubber. The roof mimics recycled slate and cedar shakes. Recycled shingles are the greenest roofing product.Recycled shingles are quite affordable and are a perfect alternative to those who can't afford the expensive slate roofs. They are durable with a life span of over 50 years and the roof also offer green benefits.This roof also looks nice, and someone would never think it was made from waste products. When people use this roof, there will be a reduction of waste as well as the need to process new raw materials. Therefore, less energy will be used, and this will result in less pollution.

Green Roof

Planting a green roof has numerous benefits especially in urban areas since it helps to moderate the heat effect and it cleanses the air. In addition, a green home design reduces the amount of rainwater runoff, offers you home additional cooling and insulation, and above all its natural beauty supplements the appearance of your house.

Rubber Roofing

Reinforced rubber shingles manufactured from old steel-belted tires is a good roofing material. It is coated with ground slate to enhance texture. The roof comes in various colors. Rubber roofing is resistant to storms and other harsh weather conditions. It can last for up to 50 years.

Tips on how to do roofing and eco-friendly roofing materials

Roofing is a task that should be done by experts since it involves dealing with heavy materials and great heights. It also requires knowledge and skills. Therefore, for you to be involved in roofing, you must have done it before or have adequate skills in carpentry. Otherwise, you should hire a pro to do the roofing for you. Even if you are an expert, it is not advisable to work alone.

There are many eco-friendly roofing materials in the market. Ensure you compare the options carefully and select the one that suits you. Check the warranty, fire ratings, and storm ratings. When replacing a roof, you may be required to have a building permit from the authorities and pass an inspection. Ascertain that your building department approves the roof material you have selected before purchasing it. Some of the roofing materials like clay tiles or slate require a strong frame.