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Pros and Cons of Going Green with Thatch Roofs


Making the Green Case for Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs have been used on homes for centuries for many good reasons. They are very durable, add a unique character to the home, and are lovely to look at. Any home will attain a subtle old home style when thatch is added.

The look of a new roof on a home or commercial building is vital to the architectural integrity of the home or office. When a thatched roof is added to a building, it adds an old world charm to the structure. In recent years, thatched roofs are increasing in popularity. And, because thatch is one of the roofing materials that is sustainable, it is rapidly becoming a go-to material for environmentally conscious building owners. It is a great way to take care of Mother Nature while beautifying your home.

Thatch Home Pros

  • Thatched roofs provide durable roofing for at least 15 to 20 years and are easy to maintain when they are installed properly.
  • Thatch acts as a natural insulator for your home and reduces the need to add other materials to provide insulation. Properly insulated homes remain cooler during the warm weather of summer and keep homes cozy in the winter.
  • Thatch darkens as it begins to age. This change in color allows the roof to blend in more and creates a sense of harmony and belonging. More than any other type of home roof decor, including shingles or slate, it improves the look of the home. These roofs are attractive in villages and larger cities, but are perfect for rural settings. However, they can be prone to issues meaning good insurance for thatched roofs is an imperative.
  • Thatch is an affordable roofing option and is friendly to the environment. It is easy to grow and harvest and minimal equipment is required for harvesting. Even though thatch roofs cost more during installation due to the need for intensive labour, the material is a resource that is sustainable. In fact, many communities are prospering due to the increased income that comes into the community from thatch.
  • As a large number of thatch homes are covered in white wash and similar materials, they can be easily cleaned through the use of steam cleaners. The Steam Mop Guy has a good selection.
  • When roofing with thatch, it flows freely after moulding it into a natural shape. The decor of your home won't be marred by the harsh lines that come with shingles or tile. When you select thatch roofing materials, you home will gain added charm and personality.
  • When compared to shingles or tile, thatch is an inexpensive roofing material. You can make more effective use of your roof area. In fact, if you wanted, you could even make a loft. The use of thatch allows ceilings to be higher and more open, delivering a more spacious feel to the home's interior.