Advisian (WorleyParsons Group) and XENDEE, Inc. Announce Exclusive Partnership

Posted Oct 22, 2018

Advisian (WorleyParsons Group) and XENDEE, Inc. Announce Exclusive Partnership

(North America, 15 Oct 2018) Advisian, the global advisory and consulting business line of the WorleyParsons Group, and XENDEE, Inc., announce an exclusive agreement to design and deliver advanced distributed energy systems.

Advisian, WorleyParsons, and XENDEE are connecting their complementary strengths to answer the need for fast, affordable and reliable microgrid feasibility studies, and optimized, bankable energy projects.

XENDEE’s award-winning team has developed an advanced toolkit for microgrid and distributed energy system design and optimization.  Advisian will support roll out and scaling of the XENDEE capability worldwide, and WorleyParsons will develop and deliver complete projects. Together, they offer turnkey solutions with up to 90% reduction in time to results.

“Using the XENDEE platform, complex energy systems can be designed in hours to days rather than the industry standard of weeks to months. XENDEE designs are bankable and auditable, giving confidence in least cost, best fit, and profitability,” says Advisian’s Director of Smart & Distributed Energy, Tristan Jackson.

Adib Naslé, CEO of XENDEE, says “I couldn’t have found a better partner to work with than the WorleyParsons Group. They see what needs to happen and they have a strong thought out plan for how to get there. I’m very excited for what we can do together, for our stakeholders, and for businesses and communities around the world.”

For more information contact:

Tristan Jackson

Director, Smart & Distributed Energy

[email protected]


About WorleyParsonsWorleyParsons delivers projects, provides expertise in engineering, procurement and construction, supports operations and maintenance, and offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services.  We respond to and meet the needs of our customers over the long term, covering the full asset lifecycle. WorleyParsons is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange [ASX:WOR].

About Advisian: Advisian helps clients respond to changing global conditions through the real-world experience and technical depth of its consultants. As the global advisory and consulting business line of the WorleyParsons Group, we offer end-to-end services integrating strategy, management, and technical consulting, moving seamlessly into proven project delivery.

About XENDEE: XENDEE’s advanced platform for distributed energy system design and optimization was developed over the past decade, leveraging hundreds of millions of US government R&D dollars. It has been validated in the laboratory and the market through various projects in cooperation with Arizona State University, University of California San Diego, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).