Shell Locations to Enhance Data Security and Meet EMV Compliance with Cybera

June 26, 2019

Cybera, the leader in SD-WAN application and security services for the network edge, has announced it will provide a comprehensive network solution to prepare for outdoor EMV across the Shell national branded network.

According to GasBuddy, fuel pumps account for nearly $400 billion in card transactions each year. Given this staggering scope and the associated security needs, Cybera’s unique approach to segmentation allows for each device, such as fuel pumps, to reside on its own dedicated network. This key differentiator increases the security of payment transactions while simplifying compliance.

“Large brands with highly distributed sites, like Shell and its partners, are continuously looking for ways to strategically leverage the value in a retail footprint, generate growth, and address evolving business, technical and network security needs for themselves and their customers,” said Andrew Lev, CEO of Cybera. “Cybera’s innovative and scalable platform helps store owners to rapidly deploy new business applications and use services that provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Under the agreement, Cybera enables Shell-branded retail locations to offer additional protection for consumers, while meeting the October 2020 mandated outdoor Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) chip card compliance deadline. In accordance with this move, Shell fuel dispensers will be converted to IP network-enabled devices, and through the Cybera cloud, will allow store operators to securely process payment transactions and support other applications at all outdoor pumps.

 “The Shell path to ensuring payment protection and connectivity was forged through an uncompromised commitment to customer service and excellence,” said Paul Melton, senior VP and general manager of Petroleum at Cybera. “Cybera has a long-standing relationship with Shell for managing payment systems, loyalty programs, tank monitoring, in-store kiosks, and environmental controls. We proudly serve the needs of Shell domestic locations and are engaged to do even more on a global scale.”

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