Why You Should Visit Your Gyno Even If Nothing Bothers You

Posted Jul 03, 2019

Not all women visit a gynecologist as often as they should. In most cases, people don’t understand why they should go to the doctor, spend time and maybe money if nothing bothers them. That seems logical but in fact, is wrong, and this is not only about gyno. It’s about responsibility towards your own health.

If something hurts or bothers you, that means you’re already unhealthy. But in many cases, the diseases can be prevented with proper regular diagnostics. This is why visiting a doctor should be done not only for treatment but for control and prevention as well. Especially when talking about women’s health which is a very delicate subject.

Why Women Should Visit a Gyno Regularly

The causes below seem quite obvious but still many women consider that they are not important and often regret about such a point of view later. This is why preventive visits to the gynecologist are important.

Timely diagnostics

The diseases of a woman’s reproductive sphere can develop silently for years, without any symptoms. Preventive visits to gyno may help diagnose them and start their treatment earlier before it’s too late to cope with the help of conservative treatment (which is always better than surgery). 


Yes, it’s possible to prevent serious diseases with regular visits to the doctor. Of course, it’s not the only means of prevention, but treating a small problem means not letting it develop into a severe complication.


By having your vagina exam and having tests regularly, you can see what is going on inside you and whether you have any causes to worry or change your lifestyle. It’s important to always know what is going on with your body and health. Regular visits to the doctor will help you be aware of what’s going on. 

Good advice

Your doctor can give you good advice about your lifestyle activity which plays an important role in your health. Also if you have any health issues, your doctor will tell you what is dangerous to do in your situation and what should be avoided (e.g. certain sports, food, activities, etc).

Birth control consultation

You can’t take hormonal birth control pills without the doctor’s prescription. Also, you can’t switch them without the doctor as well. Why? Hormonal balance is easy to shatter, and its imbalance is very dangerous for your health. You should do it only after a doctor’s approval because it’s necessary to know your hormonal balance to prescribe the proper pills. If you have some hormonal issues, you may need some specific pills that will help balance your hormones. An IUD also can be installed and extracted only by a doctor.

How Often Should You Visit a Gyno?

Normally, before menopause, a woman should visit a gyno at least once a year. After menopause, she should do it more often - twice a year. It’s necessary because the risk of multiple diseases is increased after menopause. This includes rather serious ones like cancer or any kind of tumors, so the control should be doubled. Staying healthy is our own responsibility, so take good care of yourself. 

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