Bring Sustainability to Your Organization

Sustainability as a business strategy is at the forefront of effective leadership for the 21st century – and it means much more than being “green.” It is about developing systems and processes that make your business resilient and successful, while enabling the world’s population to thrive, now and for generations to come.

Stanford has designed a new executive program, Leadership for Sustainability, intended for mid-level and senior managers with a civic or professional interest in sustainability. You’ll learn the core mindsets, knowledge and skills leaders need to promote sustainability and resilience in today’s complex environment.

Learn how to:

  • Navigate a complex world with tools and techniques for anticipating, understanding and managing today’s ever-changing global environment.
  • Cultivate a culture of change in your organization by redefining success, removing obstacles, and making strategic decisions that include financial, as well as social and environmental considerations
  • Shift your perspective with never-before-considered supply chains and partnerships that could lead to large-scale progress.

Join us on Stanford campus September 11-13th for Leadership for Sustainability and bring change to your organization. Early bird discount ends July 15th