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UPDATED: Feb. 21, 2020

Mapping the impact of dockless vehicles

Feel like you're caught in a frenzy of dockless bike and scooter-share news? Us too. In this weekly round-up post, Smart Cities Dive will update our interactive map to reflect the cities that are welcoming (or opposing) the growing shared mobility phenomenon, and will highlight the top dockless headlines from across the country.

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This week's map updates

Kettering, OH enacts one-year ban on e-scooters, e-bikes Spin launches scooters in Athens, OH Shared pulls scooters out of Portland, OR, its only market

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Off the Map

San Francisco to reach its limit of 4,000 scooters

San Francisco’s four scooter operators —​ Lime, Spin, Jump and Scoot ⁠—​ began last week rolling out a collective 750 additional scooters in town, marking the city’s limit of 4,000 scooters. Local riders used the scooters for about 8,000 trips a day in January, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. 

Electric Citi Bikes return to the Big Apple

Citi Bike e-bikes are back in New York after being pulled from the streets 10 months ago over braking concerns. The re-debut coincides with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement that the city would build 10 new miles of protected bike lanes in Manhattan this year. 

Lime reportedly cutting down juicer pay

Lime juicers have taken a recent pay hit amid a "rumored cash crunch," Vice reports. Pay for juicers in Oakland, CA is reported to have fallen below $4 per scooter after the company paid $8 or more in months prior. 

E-scooters are gone for good in Montreal

Scooters won’t return to Montreal following a pilot program last summer. The vehicles were found to be out of compliance during the pilot, with just 20% of the scooters parked properly and over 300 tickets issued by police. 

E-bikes make a splash in snowy Minnesota

E-bike sales are on the rise. That trend is showing up in Minnesota this winter where local cyclists are seeking out wider tires to bike through the snow, the Star Tribune reports.

A local bike shop that opened its doors before e-scooters, now sells e-bikes as its biggest item and has created a bike with wider tires to trek through the terrain. It will soon move to a larger storefront as a result.