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UPDATED: Sept. 20, 2019

Mapping the impact of dockless vehicles

Feel like you're caught in a frenzy of dockless bike and scooter-share news? Us too. In this weekly round-up post, Smart Cities Dive will update our interactive map to reflect the cities that are welcoming (or opposing) the growing shared mobility phenomenon, and will highlight the top dockless headlines from across the country.

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This week's map updates

Jump pulls bikes and scooters from San Diego Lime pulls scooters from Providence, RI Providence, RI awards permits to Spin and VeoRide Lime, Bird and Spin rolled into Phoenix Hoboken, NJ bans scooters on waterfront walkways, public parks

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Off the Map

Mercedes-Benz quietly throws hat in the e-scooter ring

Mercedes-Benz is bringing its luxury brand to the e-scooter market. The scooters are expected to grace city streets by early 2020, but not much more is known at this time, The Verge reported. The German car company is joining the likes of BMW, Volkswagon and Ford that each now have a hand in the e-scooter industry. 

Scootin' to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

In what might be a first, a Washington, DC couple incorporated scooters into their big day. In lieu of cars, feet or a trolley, scooters were the primary mode of transportation to move guests to-and-from their wedding reception. The chosen scooter brand to help the couple spin into their nuptials? Spin, of course. 

Berlin scooter users busted for 233 traffic violations in just three months

E-scooters have kept Berlin police busy this summer. Since the scooters were first dropped on city streets three months ago, the police have recorded 65 drunk drivers, 74 accidents, and 233 traffic incidents, the Associated Press reported.

Miami's Bird pilot program touts big user numbers

Miami residents appear to be embracing Bird's e-scooters during the first four months of the city's pilot program. Numbers don’t lie: 606,452 trips have been taken, covering 838,600 miles to date, according to a Bird spokesperson. 

100 million Lime rides translates to 9,000 metric tons of carbon emissions saved

Speaking of numbers: Lime announced that they hit more than 100 million rides since their launch two years ago. But what does that actually mean? According to a Lime spokesperson, those figures translate to one in every four rides replacing a car trip, 1.2 million gallons of gas saved and 9,000 metric tons of carbon emissions spared.

Kristin Musulin, Chris Teale, Cailin Crowe, Sean Gibbons and Kira Barrett contributed to this tracker.