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UPDATED: June 4, 2020

Mapping the impact of dockless vehicles

Feel like you're caught in a frenzy of dockless bike and scooter-share news? Us too. In this weekly round-up post, Smart Cities Dive will update our interactive map to reflect the cities that are welcoming (or opposing) the growing shared mobility phenomenon, and will highlight the top dockless headlines from across the country.

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This week's map updates

Lime scooters roll into Rochester, NY Spin scooters relaunch in Ann Arbor, MI Cincinnati is welcoming the return of scooters

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Off the Map

Scooters used to create damage in some cities, pulled from others

Electric scooters are being used to damage storefronts, cars and other pieces of property in some cities during nationwide protests amid the death of George Floyd, Mother Jones reportsThe vehicles, however, are no stranger to being tossed into places they weren’t intended — they've held a track record of being chucked into rivers, lakes, trash cans since well-before the pandemic or national protests. 

Meanwhile, Bird, Scoot and Lime are among the companies that have removed their vehicles from urban centers to comply with curfew orders, according to Mashable

In Washington, the District Department of Transportation suspended Capital Bikeshare amid protests this week and asked dockless companies to remove their vehicles due to scooters being used as "projectiles," DCist reports. Scooters were also temporarily banned in cities including Portland, OR and Orlando, FL due to the protests.

The companies said they are working with city governments to determine when they will return. 

New York’s Citi Bike and Revel not available to essential workers during curfew

Essential workers in New York City have been allowed to drive during Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s imposed curfew this week, but they were not able to use Citi Bikes or Revel during some of those hours, Streetsblog reports.

Citi Bike has since apologized for pulling its vehicles, and resumed service as of Thursday morning at 5 a.m.

Bird pays $300,000 to demolish thousands of scooters in Middle East

Bird is paying $300,000 to demolish up to 10,000 e-scooters in the Middle East, CNBC reports. The vehicles belong to scooter company Circ, acquired by Bird earlier in the year. 

Bird has reportedly temporarily paused operations in the Middle East due to warm weather. 

Ann Arbor teams with Spin for another year after breakup with Bird

Ann Arbor, MI and the University of Michigan renewed contracts with scooter company Spin, reports. The partnerships include a sanitation plan to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. 

Spin first teamed up with Ann Arbor in 2019 after it dropped its partnership with Bird. Spin’s new contract will last for a year and allow up to 300 scooters in the city. 

Superpedestrian launches LINK to expand into shared e-scooter arena

Mobility engineering and tech company Superpedestrian launched its new micromobility division, LINK, which will enable riders to rent Superpedestrian e-scooters with their smartphone.

LINK technology includes the ability to enforce a geofence in under one second using onboard map storage, "which enables the vehicle to bypass the vehicle-to-cloud lag and autonomously enforce a geofence," the company wrote in an emailed announcement.