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UPDATED: August 7, 2020

Mapping the impact of dockless vehicles

Feel like you're caught in a frenzy of dockless bike and scooter-share news? Us too. In this weekly round-up post, Smart Cities Dive will update our interactive map to reflect the cities that are welcoming (or opposing) the growing shared mobility phenomenon, and will highlight the top dockless headlines from across the country.

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This week's map updates

Lime to double its JUMP bike fleet in Seattle Gotcha scooters return to Michigan State University JUMP rolls into Rochester, MN

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Off the Map

Spin to go carbon neutral

Ford Mobility’s Spin has announced a plan to achieve "net negative emissions," or eliminate more carbon than what is produced, by 2025.

The company plans to meet this goal by transitioning operations to 100% plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles; transitioning recharging power to 100% renewable energy; and securing a 24-month minimum lifespan for a Spin vehicle, among other objectives.

Veo scooters to feature turn signals

Chicago-based Veo unveiled its new personal, portable e-scooter, the Astro Go. The scooter comes equipped with a safety feature that Veo reports no other scooter has: turn signals. 

"The problem of scooter riders not being able to safely gesture in traffic and at night when they are planning to turn has been a big one, and we are thrilled to offer the Astro Go as a solution to this challenge,” CEO Candice Xie said in a statement.

Unagi launches scooter subscription service 

E-scooter company Unagi is launching a subscription service. Starting on Aug. 5 in New York and Los Angeles, users can pay $39 a month to have a scooter delivered to their door, according to The Verge. 

The company is betting on the appeal of a subscription service for users who don't want to purchase their own personal $1,000 Unagi scooter, and for individuals who are scared to share scooters due to COVID-19.  

JUMP bikes now available in Lime app

JUMP Bikes will now be available through the Lime app for the first time since Lime acquired the fleet from Uber in May. The bikes will be available exclusively via the Lime app over the next few weeks, but will become available through both Uber and Lime apps after a software integration is complete. 

Lime acquired JUMP’s assets in a $170 million funding round led by Uber, and has since relaunched the bikes in London, Paris, Denver, Seattle and Washington DC. The company will also roll into Rochester, MN this week, with plans to launch in additional cities within upcoming weeks. 

Gotcha Mobility flexes expansions, growth figures

Gotcha Mobility has reported a growth in ridership and a series of expansions to new markets this summer. The company launched micromobility offerings in three new markets — Galveston, TX; South El Monte, CA; and St. Clair Shores, MI — in July. They have also reported high ridership in Memphis, TN; Baton Rouge, LA; and Charleston, SC. 

Gotcha's average trip times have stayed consistent since May, showing an increase in rider times compared to pre-pandemic averages. In total, the company has tracked 260,000 trips to date and more than 86,000 unique riders in August.