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    Elections 2022

    Voters say ‘yes’ to affordable housing

    Our updated results show where cities, counties and states across the U.S. passed ballot measures that collectively unlocked billions of dollars in new funding to create more affordable housing and provided protections for renters.

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    Elections 2022

    California’s millionaire tax for electric vehicle incentives defeated

    Voters had mixed responses to higher taxes to fund transportation projects. While some ballot measure results are pending, other high-profile initiatives were defeated.

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    Climate funding wins big on state and local ballots

    Voters in many jurisdictions embraced spending on resilience projects, clean energy and other climate change mitigation efforts  — with one notable exception.

    Updated Nov. 9, 2022
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    Can a computer drive better than humans? Perhaps soon, tech execs and researchers say

    Coming breakthroughs could make self-driving cars safer. Tech firms set out to make that happen. 

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    Amazon rolls out Rivian EVs in more cities for holiday deliveries

    The company has delivered more than 5 million packages to U.S. customers using the electric vans since July.

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    Rent-to-income ratios push toward 40%, some apartment owners say

    Renters are squeezed more than ever, as the cost of living rises across the country.

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    Miami-Dade County allows accessory dwelling units

    The county commission allowed some homeowners to turn garages, living quarters and backyard structures into rental units. It’s the latest in a nationwide push to address the affordable housing crisis via zoning revisions.

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    Lyft reports most active riders since early 2020

    Ride-hailing competitor Uber also reported strong signals of pandemic recovery and shared updates on integrating electric and autonomous vehicles in its fleet offerings. 

  • A white sedan with large sensors mounted on the roof and front hood drives along a street in San Francisco.
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    Auto industry reassesses autonomous vehicles, creating uncertainty for city leaders

    AV developers promise safer, more sustainable mobility in cities but are dogged by crashes and errors. Are better technologies just around the corner?

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    How micromobility operators can protect consumer data

    Many cities require bike-sharing and e-scooter companies to use an open data standard, but it’s unclear how many comply with the standard’s dynamic vehicle ID requirement.

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    Elections 2022

    Housing, transit, environmental issues on state and local ballots

    Residents in 37 states will vote on 132 statewide ballot measures on Nov. 8, according to Ballotpedia. Read our coverage on measures addressing top smart city concerns.

  • Macky Sall, Chairperson of the African Union, speaks during the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Implementation Summit of the UNFCCC COP27 climate conference.
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    COP27 to spotlight implementation, finance for climate action

    Even at the global stage, there could be insights on how to best go about decarbonizing U.S. cities from this month’s United Nations climate conference, experts say.

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    To foster community, connect residents to the outside

    Gardens and co-working spaces are among MBH Architects’ strategies for resident interaction.

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    Lyft to lay off nearly 700 employees

    The ride-sharing and micromobility operator blamed economic headwinds. It follows staff reductions at other urban transport providers this year, including Bird, Spin, Superpedestrian and Voi.

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    Shared micromobility restrictions can increase traffic congestion and emissions, study finds

    Following Atlanta’s nighttime scooter limits, travel time increased 9% to 11%, Georgia researchers found in a study. 

  • Students protest in New York City against gun violence and anti-abortion laws
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    NYC launches abortion care hotline

    Dubbed a first-of-its-kind program, New York City’s Abortion Access Hub confidentially connects callers to licensed abortion care providers that operate within the city’s five boroughs.

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    Taxpayer-funded football stadiums rarely pay off. So why do cities keep footing the bill?

    Sports economists warn U.S cities don’t reap enough economic benefits when stadiums are built with taxpayer money. Some city officials say community pride and shared identity are worth the investment.

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    Zoning change momentum continues following votes in Cambridge, MA, and Gainesville, FL

    Despite public pushback, Cambridge officials voted to eliminate parking requirements, and Gainesville voted to eliminate single-family zoning, making it easier for developers to build multifamily housing. 

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    Amtrak intercity long-distance rail service subject of new federal study

    A yearlong study by the Federal Railroad Administration will look into possible Amtrak expansion by restoring discontinued trains or adding daily service along existing routes.

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    Shared mobility key to urban climate action, city leaders say

    As 200 nations gather for the COP27 international climate summit, city leaders see shared mobility as the path to “making our communities healthier and more livable for everyone.” 

  • An election judge tears off a couple of "I Voted" stickers to hand to a voter as people cast their ballots in the State Primaries on June 28, 2022 at the Wellington E. Webb Municipal Office Building i
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    Elections 2022

    Where voters will consider waste and recycling initiatives

    San Francisco and Denver are among the localities with ballot measures, which range from deciding who should handle street cleaning to establishing more widespread access to composting.

  • An election worker works at the Orange County Registrar of Voters less than two weeks before midterms Election Day on October 27, 2022 in Santa Ana, California.
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    Elections 2022

    Climate action ballot initiatives for Election Day 2022

    Spending for transportation decarbonization, wildfire prevention, storm resilience and more are up for a vote next week in some states.

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    Volocopter raises another $182M in urban air mobility race

    The eVTOL developer is aiming to get its VoloCity air taxi certified and commercialized.

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    E-scooter accidents surge as the micromobility devices’ popularity grows

    The number of scooter-related emergency room visits grew nearly 450% in the U.S. between 2017 and 2021, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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    Can predictive analytics help prevent homelessness?

    Better modeling could help cities target interventions that allow individuals to keep their homes and limit the strain on public services.