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Wild Urbanism: Zaryadye Park Will Bring Nature to Moscow


Dubbed the "Central Park" of Russia's capital, Zaryadye Park will be the first park developed in Moscow in half a century. The park, designed by Diller, Scofidio+Renfro, will be based on a concept of wild urbanism, in which people and plants co-exist.

"Wild urbanism … is an opportunity to leave the city, and at the same time be closer to it." more

 According to the Zaryadye Park website:

Wild urbanism … is an opportunity to leave the city, and at the same time be closer to it. Nature provides an unexpected contrast to the city, keeping the balance with culture. The territory of the park has four typical Russian landscape zones: tundra, steppe, forest and marsh. The zones are organized in terraces that descend from the upper to a lower level of the park from North-East to South -West.

As the park blends nation with the city, it will also be developed to merge with surrounding buildings and structures. 


Renderings of Zaryadye Park

The concept of the park reflects the most striking features of the neighboring territories, allowing to combine the characteristic elements of historic buildings and pedestrian areas of Kitay-gorod with lush gardens of the Kremlin, thus creating a hybrid landscape and the connection between the city and nature. As a result, the park "growing" out of its environment will be a unique center of attraction for the citizens of Moscow and guests from Russia and from around the world.

Zaryadye Park is a truly great design from the creators of New York City's High Line, which also creates an environment where nature and people co-exist.